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About Marc LED Ltd

Marc LED Ltd specializes in supplying LED based lighting solutions. With our partners experienced in scientific researching, developing, and production of LED products, we offer LED lights for home, office, commercial and street lighting. We pay special care to the quality of our products and we are constantly looking for better solutions for our customers.

The key benefits of LED lighting:

  • Long life span
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low power consumption
  • Low working temperature compared to 
         other traditional bulbs and lamps
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Instant light clarity
  • No mercury, no UV and IR

   LED Lighting Solutions:

   LED Spot Lamps (Spotlights)
Suitable for spots and general lighting.
Direct replacement for halogen spots in terms of both colour temperature and intensity, but with energy savings of up to 80%.

GU10, MR16 GU5.3, MR11 GU4 led spotlights

B15 or E14 or B22 or E27 led light bulbs

   LED Light Bulbs
Direct replacement for incandescent light bulbs.
   Wide variety of shapes, sizes, bases and light outputs.

   PAR LED Reflector Lamp
Replace perfectly your incandescent and halogen reflector lamps in indoor use.
Instant full light output.

LED PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 Spot Lamps

led under cabinet lights lighting

   LED Under Cabinet Lighting
Energy savings up to 80% comparing to fluorescent and
   incandescent lights.
Slim and compact design.
Easy to install, plug and play.

   LED Downlights
Perfect for domestic or commercial use.
Sustainable products with an excellent energy balance.

led dimmable and non-dimmable downlights

   t8 led tubes

   LED Tubes
    Reduced operational cost thanks to lower energy  

   LED Panels
Ideal replacement for traditional grid based fluorescent luminaries.

   led light panels


Ideal for most dimmable LEDs.
   Superior load-sensing dimming technology to deliver the best
   possible dimming performance for the given load.

   Electronic Transformers
Ideal for use as a power source for 12V a.c. LED lighting.
Preferred choice for many electricians.

dimmable electronic transformers

LED controller - led driver and led dimmer - vadsbo

   LED Controllers
   Combined Drivers & Dimmers
Ideal to drive and dim LED lights.
   Developed in co-operation with University in Gothenburg
   Unique controllers for installation on LED light fixtures,
   in wall boxes, on ceiling or similar.
   Save space, time and money.

Lighting Experience

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Whether your project is large or small, we will enjoy helping you get the right product.

dimmable led candle bulb - e14, b15, b22, e27 dimmable led flame light bulb - silver, black, gold body dimmable led flame bulb - b15, b22, e14, e27 led ball light bulb - silver, black, gold body; clear or forsted cover dimmable led mushroom light bulbs - cap e27, e14, b22, b15 led decorative candle light bulbs e14 - white body; clear or forsted cover